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low maintenance synthetic lawn

Synthetic Lawn

Our products are used in the sporting industry and provide maximum durability with life spans well over ten years. We have a variety of products ranging from 10mm to 55mm pile height. All products and installations are guaranteed for up to eight years. 'Synthetic Lawn' grass is virtually maintenance free and is the perfect substitute for natural grass, hard balconies and terraces. We also offer a full landscaping and edging service to compliment the Synthetic Lawn.

Natural grass cannot survive the high traffic of playschools, especially areas with play apparatus like swings and jungle gyms. Synthetic Lawn requires very little maintenance and no water which makes it a perfect solution for play areas. The infill system will prove its financial worth quickly as there are no water bills and landscaping costs.

Petscape is a product specially designed for areas where dogs as well as cats urinate excessively. With more drainage in Petscape Lawn you can rest assured that no nasty odours will linger around.

Greywater & Irrigation Systems

Irrigation plays an important part in keeping your landscaped garden looking at its best. But water is getting more scares every day, therefore with a Greywater system your garden will always look its best while saving a precious natural resource. We can install a Greywater system that works through your excising irrigation system, or a complete package to suit your personal needs.

Our irrigation specialists will asses the garden's plant material, slopes and any previous irrigation that may have been installed. From there the irrigation system can be designed according to the water requirements for different areas. We install from sophisticated drip irrigation to fully automated systems with rain sensors to manual, less complex systems, depending on the clients needs and budget.

It is advised to install the irrigation system during the garden installation process to avoid damage to newly planted beds.

grey water and irrigation systems

elite coastal landscaping design


Elite Coastal Landscaping is a recognized leader in garden landscaping and the number one choice of residential and commercial clients situated in coastal areas, renowned for their harsh weather conditions.

We know the Western Cape's climate! Whether you're in a wind-free area or the windswept Cape Town, the Atlantic seaboard with the scorching afternoon sun or the West Coast with its own unique micro climates, with more that 20 years of gardening we have ample experience in all of them.

From Synthetic Lawn, basic lawn maintenance, pruning, to landscaping and garden cleanup, rely on our friendly and enthusiastic team to bring experience, beauty, and value to your landscaping project.

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Elite Coastal Landscaping

Elite Coastal Landscaping is a dedicate landscaping company in the heart of the West Coast, situated in the beautiful Langebaan.

We promise high quality brands and service to enhance your outdoor spaces and living areas, which will ultimately add value to your lifestyle.

From garden design to complete exterior decorating, let us show you what we do and how we do it.

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