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Greywater / Irrigation

What is greywater and how this can save me money?

Greywater is water from washing machines, tubs, basins and zinks and it is all recyclable water, although there will be washing powder, soap, ect in the water, this water is still good to use on your garden and can save you a lot of money if used correctly.

We can install a Greywater system that works through your excising irrigation system, or a complete package to suit every clients personal needs.

The system is installed in such a way that when the tank has water in it, it will automatically use the Greywater first, and if there is no water in the tank, it will switch to your normal municipal water supply without you lifting a finger.

It’s good to plan beforehand and consult us while your building project is in progress in order to do proper planning for the pipe work and location for the tanks etc.
Water is just getting more scares every day and therefore with a Greywater system you will be part of “GO GREEN”